Artist: Philip Stanley Klein
  Produced by: John Carrozza
  Label: Yeshua Songs
  Running Time: 41:30
  Release Date: 2011
  Format: CD & MP3
  Price: $17.95


Album Synopsis

Those of you who know me as a Messianic songwriter understand that I like to “push the envelope” when it comes to a CD presentation. “NewHeart” is a combination of international sounds and contemporary rhythms, a fusion of musical flavors. These flavors are blended together: Yemenite with Hip-Hop, American Folk with Jewish contemporary ballads and so on, all pointing to Messiah. The reason is to make the overall result more compelling to a wider audience. The words are the main dish but the music is the appetizer and dessert. I hope you feel “filled up” with the presence of the Living God after listening to this banquet of many musical ideas. May you never stop wanting more. (View Lyrics)

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