Philip Stnaley Klein
  In Awe Of You
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(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

Praise be to G-d and the Father of Our Lord,
We are His Children and Heaven’s our reward;
Once we were dead, our spirits in the grave, but
Only by the Grace of G-d have we been saved and
Now we are risen, in Him, to live again;
He is Our Peace, to make us all as one;
Tear down the walls, reveal the mystery; that
Through the Gospel, Jew and Gentile; We are all set free;
There is

One body, One Spirit; One Lord, one Faith, one
Emersion, One G-d and Father of all and even as
We are called in one hope of our calling, He’s
Above all and through all and all;

So, sing and make music to the Lord, Our King;
And thank the Father for everything;
Use all the Fruit the Holy Spirit’s given you;
It’s time to shed the old man, put on the new and
Love one another for this is right,
Once we were Darkness and now we are Light;
Wake up, oh sleeper, rise from the dead and
Look, we are one body and Yeshua is the Head;
There is


So, plead Messiahs Blood over everything you do,
For we’re in battle and Satan wants you;
Get rid of anger and slander and rage,
Forgiving one another as He forgave us;
Buckle your belt of Truth around your waist,
And put the Breastplate of Righteousness in place;
Now shod your feet with the Gospel of Peace,
Walk in the Light and hold on tight and
Fight for unity.

CHORUS (Last line)
He’s Messiah, Our Savior, He’s One for all...

(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

My life is a struggle, ‘Rachmunes,’ such trouble;
How can I bear to go on another day?
The world is around me, no anchor to ground me;
I’m finding it hard to find my way;

I know that I’m missing something,
There’s an emptiness deep inside;
Take the world from me, Lord; I’m
Coming to you, my arms open wide;

Take my sin, Oh G-d; Wash me in Your blood;
Fill me with the Likeness of You, Lord; so we can be as one;
Take my pain away, Fill my life today;
Father, hear my cry, be My Adonai; Take my sin, Oh G-d;

Yeshua, Messiah; could You be the Fire
That burns in the ones you’ve set apart?
I’m looking around me, their joy just astounds me;
What do they have that I long for in my heart?

For I know that I’m missing something,
There’s an emptiness deep inside;
Take the world from me , Lord;
I’m Coming to you, my arms open wide;

Kach et Chatay, Oh Elohim; Re’chatz otey bey dam’chah;
Mali otey bey dimayon lechah cadeysh
Shi no’chal leh’yot echad;Kach et kevee, ten le chayim ha’yom;
Abba Sh’ma et krea’tee, Hey e yeh A’donivey;
Kach et Chatay, Oh Elohim...



(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

Who is your hero? Who do you follow?
When life is getting rough is there enough to lean on?
Is there a someone, a rock to stand on?
And would he sacrifice his life if he could save you?

Keep your eyes on the Lord and your mind on the Holy One,
Even if you stumble, He’ll never let you fall;
Keep your eyes on the Lord, Let His Will in your life be done,
Get behind the Holy One and He will take you home.

Is there a spirit so deep inside you,
To show you wrong from right, is there a light to guide you?
Yeshua Tenu, He is My Hero;
And in the darkest night His Spirit will sustain you;

For even in the darkest night,
When you can’t distinguish right from wrong;
Yeshua is Your Only Light, and in your weakness
He will make you strong;


And when Messiah comes again,
He will greet His Family in the sky;
I want you there, my friends, to meet Messiah eye to eye;


Get behind the Holy One and He…will…take…you…home;
(He’ll take you home)
Who is your hero and who’s gonna’ take you home,
Who will you follow? Who-o’s gonna’ take you home?
Yeshua is My Hero and He’s gonna’ take me home;
Yeshua, my Messiah...

(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

Your Only Son, The Chosen One;
A precious Pearl who touched the world to make it one;
He paid our debt, a promise kept; His
Suffering made a way to come to you;
He was despised and not esteemed;
We didn’t know His Perfect Blood would make us clean;
The Silent Lamb, The Great I AM,
Those stripes He bore to set us free;

We stand in Awe of You; You are the Holy One;
You gave us everlasting life by when You gave up Your Son;
We can’t repay the price of Holy Sacrifice;
By laying down His Life we stand in awe of You;

Without a word, without a sigh;
The Lamb of God was placed upon a tree to die;
He bore our sin that we live in, but you
Raised Him up and now He lives for all to see;


You’re a Father who loves His Son,
The Creator of everyone;
Praise His Holy Name above all things; Above all things...
We stand in awe of You, You are the Holy One;
You gave us everlasting life when You gave up Your Son;
We can’t repay the price of Holy Sacrifice;
For laying down His Life we stand in awe of You...


(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

Show me Thy ways, Oh Lord,
Teach me Your Truths and guide me;
Show me Thy ways, Oh Lord, for You are My
God and You are My Savior.

I thank you, Lord, each day, in every way;
For my Salvation, you’ve taken
Me out of the Darkness, Lord, into the Light;
You gave me eyes to see inside of me, a Revelation;
Your word has given what I Need to know
To change wrong to right;


To You I lift my soul, I trust in you, Yeshua Tenu;
Your Ways are loving, Lord, and faithful, too, You are the Light;
Pour out Your Grace and Mercy over me, Yeshua Tenu,
According to Your Love, remember me and, Lord guard my life;

For the sake of Your Name, Oh Lord;
Forgive my iniquities, although they are great, Oh Lord;
Protect and deliver me;

CHORUS (2`x)

You gotta show me Your Ways...Oh Lord!
Well, I need You, Lord; Oh Yeah,
And I love You, Lord, Oh Yeah;
Now I know that you know me,
I want You to show me, show me Your ways.

(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

Blessed and glorified, honored and exalted;
Is the Name of the King of Kings, Blessed is
He;Rejoice before His Face, extol Him in the heavens,
Let the Name of the Lord be blessed, forever and forever;

Bar’chu et Adonai, Ham’vorach, Ham’vorach;
Baruch Adonai Ham’vorach, Le’olam vaed;

Blessed are You, Oh Lord, who
chose us from all peoples; and
Gave to us Your Holy Word, Baruch Ha’Shem;
Adonai Eloheynu, Yeshua Tenu;
Hear the words of Yisrael, And say, “AMEN;”


You walked among us, Lord, and filled us with Your Spirit,
Healed the sick and raised the dead, Bar’uch Ha’Shem;
You Taught as no man taught, the treasures of the Torah;
You’re the God of yesterday, today and tomorrow;

(Song speeds up)
Lai, lai, lai, lai, etc.

(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

Humble yourself before the Lord,
Be still and know that He is G-d;
A gentle voice needs to be heard,
Above the cries of who we are;
We have a Father who searches our hearts,
Stop what you’re doing and listen to G-d;

Selah , Selah, Selah, Selah la-la-la-la-la,
It’s there because you’ve got to pause before the Lord;
Selah, Selah, a simple word, la-la-la-la-la,
Is there because you’ve got to pause before the Lord.

Important you, important me; running in circles all our lives;
Seeking the truth, making believe;
We are the Source of what is right;
We’ve got to stop all the games that we’re playing,
Put down our toys, pick up on what the Father’s saying;


Come on, come on, pause before the Lord,
Lift your hands before the Living G-d,
Get on your knees before the Lord,
Selah, Selah;

Now, it’s a spiritual thang, so, of you wanna be free, you got show the Man some humility;
You gotta make Him more and make you lessm clean up your heart and make it His Address;
See, if you keep on walkin’ the way you’re talkin’, you’re bound for alotta strife,
Get on your knees before the Living God and He will direct your life.


(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

I didn’t mean to say it, It was just a little lie;
But it came so easily, like all the other times;
Hiding from the truth is what I’ve always done,
Now, it’s catching up to me and I don’t know where to run;
I didn’t mean to hurt them, Lord;
I didn’t mean to make them cry;
Flying off the handle, Lord and
Pushing all their love aside;
I want to settle things with You, Lord;
Right here and now;
I‘m giving up the wheel, take control, here we go...

Deliver Me, Lord, deliver Me;
Holy Spirit, turn my life around and set me free;
I’m up to here in sin and I don’t like where I’ve been;
Lift me up and let me in, Lord, deliver Me.

I didn’t want to leave them, Lord; I didn’t want to say goodbye;
‘ Looked for a reason, Lord, and only found my selfish pride;
Lord, by Your Grace, Love me in this place;
Wash me clean ‘til I’m redeemed; I want to see Your Face;


Lord, I need Your Touch, ‘cause I hurt so much;
Take the sin that covers me, Lord, and

(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

Up from the ashes, into a nation;
As G-d has promised you will stand again;
Land of your Fathers, it’s you I have chosen;
My son has risen just to cleanse your sin;

Yisreal, I will redeem you; Yisrael, I will return you by My Hand;
The veil has been lifted, you are My People and
I’ll be Your G-d in Yisrael.
I will redeem you , Yisrael,
I will return you by My Hand;
The veil has been lifted, you are My People and
I’ll be Your G-d in Yisrael...

Into the battle, I will be with you;
You are my vessel, pour Me on your land;
Land of your Fathers, It’s you I have chosen;
My Son has risen just to cleanse your sin;


I promised Abraham, “Your Seed will multiply;”
And although you disobeyed Me,
I’ll stand right by your side...


She’ma Yisrael;
Adonai Eloheynu, Adonai
(Crowds cheering and singing “Hatikvat”)

(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

It is cold, it is dark; in a world filled with hunger, but a
Light through a door gives us hope that there’s more;
There He stands, loving you, reaching out; Can you hear Him?;
There’s not one thing you’ve done that can’t be healed by His Love;

G-d is the Only Answer, G-d’s Love is so forgiving;
Don’t turn away, He will heal you today;
G-d’s Love is for the taking,
Healed hearts that once were breaking;
He has the power to remove all your pain;

We are weak, God is strong; He is pure, we are sinful;
Look at all we’ve destroyed in the Name of the Lord; for He
Gave us free will, but we willed to defy Him, now it’s
Time for His Love to restore us once more;



G-d’s Love is for the taking,
Now is the time to receive...the Love of G-d.
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