In Awe of You

  Artist: Philip Stanley Klein
  Album: In Awe Of You
  Produced by: John Carrozza
  Label: Aliyah Music Ministries
  Running Time: 43:30
  Release Date: 2005
  Format: CD & MP3
  Price: $17.95


Album Synopsis

I have a classical musical background and I always wanted to use some powerful orchestral backgrounds to the new music that was coming out of me. This new music began with the book of Ephesians. Chapter 4, verse 4 struck me as the root of Aliyah Ministry. The reason of the ministry is to promote unity between Jew and Gentile. In the Messiah, we are truly one body and this song is the cornerstone of this CD, "In Awe of You." There are many amazing stories about how this album was created and you can read all about it inside the CD package.