Philip Stanley Klein and Aliyah Music Ministries present a fresh and uplifting Messianic Jewish praise and worship experience. Philip's personal testimony of how he came to know Yeshua as his Messiah is moving and powerful and he expresses it through song. His lyrics and melodies will stir you deeply; bring tears to your eyes and healing to your spirit.

This ministry gives all the credit and the Glory, Honor & Praise to Messiah Yeshua for providing all the music, the concert and speaking opportunities and for moving this ministry in the Ways of the Lord.

His latest album release “NEWHEART”, a combination of international sounds and contemporary rhythms, is a fusion of musical flavors blended together, including Yemenite with Hip-Hop, American Folk with Jewish contemporary ballads and so on, all pointing to Messiah. The music, and more importantly, the message touches the hearts of people of all ages.

Aliyah Music Ministries hopes you feel “filled up” with the presence of the Living God after listening to this music. May you never stop wanting more...of Him. Preview the sound of the new album "NEWHEART", now available for purchase on CD & MP3 in our online shop.