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(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

What would you do for Your Messiah?
What would you do if He should call you?
Would you be scared and run away or
Or fall down on your knees and pray?

Would you receive His Holy teaching?
Would you believe the Word He’s preaching?
So many souls have been made whole, He’ll
Bless you when He hears you say...

Hineni, Hineni Adonai; Hineni Adonai is the servants cry;
Hear I am, to serve the Living G-d,
Yeshua, Elohim, Adonai Echad;

He made us all to love each other,
He made us all to serve the Father;
He gave to us the Son of Man to
Offer up His Holy Plan;

Humble yourself for I am faithful,
I will provide for I am able;
Carry My Word throughout the Land
And serve the Lord the best you can;


How would you know if He’s Your Savior?
Where would you go to find the answer?
Study the Word, you’ll find the key,
Yeshua died to set us free’...


(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

I take Thee now to come into my life,
Turn my water to wine and my darkness to light;
I take Thee now to make my house a home,
Help me kindle the fire, my beloved, my own;

Echad, Echad. Echad means we are one;
Brought together in love, in Messiah we’ve become;
Echad, Echad, the Spirit of Our G-d;
Sends His Love from above,
Draws us into His Arms;

So, take me now for I have been unloved;
Raise my heart from the dead,
Like a love born again;
So, take me now and I will do the same,
And we will worship the Lord
And give praise to His Holy Name;


He will arise, before our eyes;
And we shall see what it means to be;
Echad, Echad, Echad means we are one;
Brought together in love,
In Messiah we’re become Echad, Echad, the Spirit of Our G-d;
Sends His Love from above, Draws us into His Arms
In love...His Love...Echad.

(Written by Philip Stanley Klein and Ellen Cotterill)

I’ll honor and cherish You ‘til death do I part,
I’ll hold You and keep You so deep in my heart;
To have You, to know You, all my life through;
‘Til that day in Glory when I’ll be with You;

Through seasons of joy, through seasons of grief;
You kept me in life and You met every need;
You bought me, You saved me, You lifted my head;
Gave me new life where once I was dead;

Glory and Honor belongs to the King,
Majesty, Highest, let the earth sing;
You, alone, are worthy; You, alone, are true;
Forsaking all others, I give my life to You;

So, this is my song of Worship and Love;
Adoring and praising the heavens above;
You kept me in sickness, You kept me in health;
Once I was poor, now I have true wealth;


Ba’ruch Atah Adonai Eloheynu, Melech Ha’Olam;
Shehechi’yonu, V’keye’monu, V’higgi’yonu lazmon hazeh;
Bar’cuh Atah Adonai Eloheynu, Melech Ha’Olam;
Shehchi’yonu, V’keye’monu, Vihiggi’yonu lazmon…. Hazeh.


(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

Blessed is the Name of the Lord,
Blessed is the Name of the Lord;
Bar’uch HaShem, Adonai;
Blessed is the Name of the Lord;

You are the Rock on which I stand, Oh
Yeshua, Son of Man; Hear my cry, Adonai;
For Your Holy Spirit;
You are the Fortress where I hide
When the enemy is near; Take my fear;
Be my Strength, Oh, Yeshua, Hear my cry;

There is a Darkness in Your Land,
We need Your Light, Oh Lord, to
Help us make a stand;

Adonai, Adonai; Oh Creator, Lord on high;
Touch the Apple of Your Eye, Yisrael;
Open hearts and purify, send Messiah from the sky;
Let His Reign begin again in Yisrael…. in Yisrael;

We are believers in Your Word, For we
Know it to be true; It has changed our lives and has
Made us more like You; So we look for Your Return;
For we know it’s coming soon, Holy One, Blessed Son;
Oh, Yeshua, hear our cry;

There is a Darkness in Your Land,
We need Your Light, Oh Lord to help us take a stand;


(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

Before I formed you, I knew you very well;
Like a Bridegroom I would carry you through desert storms;
And then I brought you into my perfect land; but you
Turned your backs on me; You defiled your legacy;

Did I not warn you, give you another way, to
Redeem yourself and clean yourself from all your sins;
Although you scorned me, you’ll always be My Bride;
You’re the first fruit off the vine, you’re the
Sweetest of the wine;

The Days Are Coming, when I will raise up a righteous branch,
From out of David, He will be just and be right for My Land;
And Yisrael will be restored, It will return by the Hand of the Lord;
The remnant’s here, and I am near, The Days are coming...Yeshua’s coming;

You do not know me, your ways are not My Ways;
For you’ve turned My Word around to fit the life you live;
But, I’ll remold you for you are merely clay and you’ll
Turn upon My Wheel ‘til the truth has been revealed;

Don’t let the liar deceive you,
He’ll make you blind to my Holy Word;
My Son has died to redeem you, He’s alive and He’s gonna return;


(last line)
My Son is coming;

(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

Sing to the Lord, Sing out loud; Sing to the Lord with a
Mighty shout; Sing to the Lord, sing out loud,
Sing to the Lord with a mighty shout;
There’s a mighty rhythm deep inside of me,
It’s about to shake me loose and set me free;

If you’re feelin’ old and you want to feel brand new,
Lift up your hands and raise your voices, too;

Sing to the Lord, Sing out Loud;
Lift up the Lord with a mighty shout;
Sing to the Lord and praise Him now, Sing
Halleluyah, Ha-le-lu-yah, sing Halleluyah, Ha-le-lu-yah;
Sing to Yeshua, Ha-le-lu-yah, to Yeshua, Ha-le-lu-yah;


(Sing to Yeshua) (Let Him work thru ya’)

It’s such a feelin’ when you worship Him;
Kick the Devil out and let Yeshua in;
Let the Holy Spirit show you what to do,
It’s a REVELATION that the Lord’s in you;


Halleluyah, Ha-le-lu-yah, sing Halleluyah, Ha-le-lu-yah;
Sing to Yeshua, Ha-le-lu-yah, to Yeshua, Ha-le-lu-yah;


(Sing alittle louder) (Turn up the power)


(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

I confess to You, I’ve lived my life all wrong;
I was number one, doing it my way, praising only me;
But, Lord, Your Love prevailed; You held me when I failed;
And when I heard Your Call, It brought me to my knees;
You broke me of it all and, Lord, You set me free;

When I worship You, all my fears are gone;
Everything is new and You and I are one;
When I sing to You, the Power of the Lord
Covers all I do, when I worship you.

Lord, I’m so ashamed, I’ve wasted so much time;
All that was to gain kept slipping through my hands and
Hiding from my eyes; But,
Now I do believe Your Spirit Lives in me,
And I won’t be deceived ‘cause now I know the Truth;
You’re alive in me and I’m alive in You;


You wash me through and through...
When I worship...You.

(Written by Philip Stanley Klein)

Blessed are You, Oh Lord, Our G-d;
You are the Light shining in the Dark;
You give us peace when the road is hard;
In Sabbath prayers we know you’re there;
So, when the Sabbath candles fade,
We go to work and we’re not afraid;
You will sustain us until that day, when the
Candles burn again;

Sha’vua Tov, Sha’vua Tov; Yeshua’s
Lord and He loves us so;
He’ll keep His Word, He will return;
Shabbat Shalom...and Sha’vua Tov.

Like an oasis in the sand, You shelter us with Your Holy Hand;
We take the water from Your Spring and
Praise You, Mighty King;
So pour the wine and pass the spice,
Yeshua’s time is drawing nigh;
We thank You, Lord, for the Sabbath time and
All the peace it brings;


We pass the Cup, the Cup of Salvation;
And stand upon Your Mighty Word;
Bar’uch HaShem, Oh G-d of Creation;
Blessed is he who trusts in the Lord;

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