Artist: Philip Stanley Klein
  Album: Hineni
  Produced by: John Carrozza
  Label: Aliyah Music Ministries
  Running Time: 32:59
  Release Date: 1996
  Format: CD & MP3
  Price: $15.95


Album Synopsis

Music Previews

After the success of "Valley of Vision," I kept on writing new songs while one of the other remaining members decided to step down. Kevin Solomon and I proceeded to continue performing at various functions for the MJAA and other venues. I started to put together a new series of songs along with chants like the "Aaronic Benediction" and the "Shema." The songs in this album are more of a persnal nature than those of the Nagila album and are results of my life experiences as a Messianic Jew. "Hineni" has become a best-seller in the world of Messianic music....all to the Glory of Yeshua, our Jewish Messiah.
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