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I'm grateful 

Dear Michpochah,
Many of you know that I took ill with Merkel Cell Carcinoma in January of 2014 and , because of a CT scan of the abdomen area and an eventual biopsy, I was also taken ill with Distal Pancreatic Cancer ( cancer of the tail of the pancreas). It was stage 4 because there was a like cancer in the lower lobe of my left lung. That cancer was removed with clear borders and never returned, praise God. In all of this, the Lord let me know that I would go through alot of "stuff" (chemo, radiology, side effects, etc.) but He will be right there with me. That strengthened my faith and gave me courage to take on the fight. As you know, pancreatic cancer is almost fatal somewhere down a short road.

Eventually the Merkel cell faded after the growth in my groin was removed as I increased
  my body immunology through the use of mushroom capsules and trust in Yeshua.

One night, about 8 weeks ago , the day before a CT scan (the tumor was about 2.4 cm) I was praying to God that there would be no metastases in the organs of my body when I heard a voice cutting into my prayers. It was as if someone was standing right next to me. The voice said, "Philip, I'm going to heal you." It was clear and unmistakeable. I knew that it was my Creator!!
I said, "Lord, I'm going to hold you to that." The next day I had my CT scan and, after a few days, the results came metastases and the tumor shrunk from 2.4 cm. to 1 cm. After my chemo treatments, the doctors planned to give me focused radiology together with a chemo pill to sensitize the pancreas to the radiation. After the PET scan they had to change their plans because they couldn't find the target! No residual disease!

They had to use the scan that showed 1 cm. as a target for the chemo-radiation. God does what He says and is so faithful. I still have 3 more weeks to go with this treatment to clear out any remnants of the cancer and possible tumor stem cells and, thanks to His promise, I have no side effects from the radiation and chemo pills. God wants to heal us from all disease. We have to submit to Him, His Word and His Commandments. We must show our undaunting faith and trust in His ways and He will touch us and  and answer our cries.

It's starting to get brighter in here!! 

I have been a Messianic Jewish believer since 1987 and it's been life-changing....literally.

My roots were grandfather, Frank, came from Kiev, Ukraine and, when he immigrated from his homeland to the United States, through Ellis Island, he started an Orthodox synagogue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He called it Beit Emmanuel. It was a thriving home for the many Orthodox jews who lived in that area.

When I was nine, Grampa Frank, died. he was 88. He was lonely for all of his friends who passed before him. He wanted to see them again.....I really believe he has. 

He used to visit our house and stay for a few months before he went to stay with his other children. That was the way is was back then with close families. I remember how he would pray in front of the living room window every morning. The light was shining on him and made him look holy and supernatural. He opened his torn siddur (prayer book) and started to pray the morning (Mincha) service. He would turn the pages quickly but it didn't really matter.

He was totally blind. He used the book as he always did when he could see the hebrew but now he really didn't need it. He had memorized the entire a matter of fact, he remembered all the prayers and chants from every jewish holiday that he held in his synagogue. Amazing...he could have memorized the entire Torah for all I know.

After Grampa Frank  was buried and properly memorialized, my parents decided not to follow the Orthodox Kasruth laws. It was hard. We were in a basic one-bedroom apartment (with an alcove in the kitchen for my bed and study desk) and we had one dinky refrigerator. That's tough for an orthodox family. You couldn't mix meat and milk. 

Enters the genius of the Jewish family....we took a piece of cardboard and sectioned the fridge in side for meat and one side for milk products......we thought the Lord would be pleased.   

When I was four, I was sent to live, temporarily, with my cousin Harriet and my Aunt Betty (pronounced Beaty). I thought it was a little vacation. My parents sent me there because, unbeknownced to me, my mom was pregnant. I never knew because she was quite chubby and it didn't seem that she was carrying a child.
She gave birth to a baby girl who only lived a short time. I have missed her for all but four years. The loss created a void that I could not explain. It shaped my personal life for decades without my conscious knowledge. I yearned for my sister in such a deep way that was incapacitating.

Through many years and many tears I finally realized my inner pain and I was able to finally name my dear sister. Her name is Hanna Faith Klein....may her soul be forever blessed. 


Thanks for your kind letters and responses to my website and the music...... 

I want  to personally thank Gary and Paula and Anja for jumping on the bandwagon and posting some kind remarks on my webpage. It's nice to hear that you're "out there."
I appreciate what the Lord has done in connecting me with all of you and I want to encourage you to keep in touch, send prayers, make suggestions for the site.

You can even send me some lyrics to put a song together for you. I promise I will partner with you and do my best to create the best song that I can. There are some good lyricists out there without a sense of melody. I'm here to help. We will copyright it together.

Don't forget that you can also receive a free mp3 download version of one of my CDs. Check it out and God bless all of you.


God is King and Creator............. 

Last night, as I was in bed,  I watched a wasn't an ordinary film..........It was a film of my life.......shown on the ceiling........revealing every right and wrong move I made in the time I have spent on Planet Earth. There were many regrets but also many feelings of joy. Many tears but also spurts of laughter. I felt like I was reviewing what would happen in Heaven when my life would be reviewed before me. It was an eerie feeling...........almost like I was dying and my life flashed before me, but in real time. Safe to say, I didn't have much sleep last night.

Lying in bed, looking at that ceiling,  I saw a narrow path with many off-shoots....many rabbit trails, distractions, I would call them. They pulled me here and there. You see, I didn't have an anchor. I was drifting in a sea of ambition but I didn't see any land in sight. I took some good college. music lessons......but some wrongs turns also..........regretful affiliations, drugs, some bad marriages and on and on.
I remembered my childhood vividly. I had a dog named Lucky, a wire-haired terrier, who was very protective of me. I remembered my Bar Mitzvah at Congregation Pre Etz Chaim on Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn. I wished my grandfather Frank were there. I wished he never died,,,,,just lived on and on. I loved and respected  him very much. He was a rock and when he died that rock dissolved. I knew some good people in my high school (James Madison) released some fine talent to the world.
Carol Klein (now King)  and some powerful movie makers came out of our graduating class.

I remember Coney Island and Brighton Beach, with Mrs. Stahl's Knishes on the corner under the elevated BMT subway tracks. I saw beach parties with my friends and the rides at Steeplechase Park. My cousin Miltie ran the Cyclone roller coaster and we all got free rides. We would have fun at Nathan's and scoff down watermelon slices and hot dogs until we couldn't eat anymore and then run into the ocean where we would ultimately get cramps because we didn't wait long enough to let our food settle.

We did stupid things on the BMT going home, like hanging from the straps and swinging and singing pop songs loudly to the complete annoyance of the crowds around us.. See, no one had cars like almost every kid has today. We took the subway everywhere. We were experiencing freedom and for a quarter you could go anywhere in any of the five boroughs of New York.

I was happy then, with my friends, both in high school and college.
I went to CCNY uptown and switched to the CCNY School of Business. I worked at Lerner Shops Main office on Park Avenue and 28th street after school. I was a store stock coordinator in the bra and girdle department and I shipped the necessary pieces to the various stores that Lerner Shops ran. It was a bit of an embarrassment to mention exactly what I did and I tried to change departments but my boss wouldn't let me go.

I joined the Army and wound up in a tank group in Leesville, LA.......................................hell. Tanks are great to race in an open field but are much too loud, especially on the firing range.I kept hearing ringing in the ears for quite a while after my stint in the Third Army. I also assisted a Warrant Officer in the Armory and learned how to strip and re-assemble everything from a colt 45 to a 50 Cal. machine gun (fun, but boring after a while).

After two years of protecting my country, I started working for Korvette's discount department stores as an assistant buyer (I knew the cousin Marshall). I graduated to Gimbel's on 34th street and got into merchandising home furnishings. Yes, my life was totally boring for about six years............(sorry, but it's part of my history).

I decided to break the boredom with the music training I received when I was young so I joined the Musician's Union Local #802 in New York City and played weddings, bar mitzvahs, wakes.........anything I could get my hands on..........and made some decent money while meeting alot of important music people.  Eventually, I took a road job with a band and was bored no more! We toured every state, played every joint, did everything musicians did and I don't regret a thing............

I was playing in a bar on Second Avenue in New York (Johnny's) when some fellows came up to me and asked me to join them on a tour to the West Coast. Well, I had never been there I went (YAY).

We hit Las Vegas with a bang...........most of these hotels have been torn down.........the Stardust, Frontier, etc........and we had a ball..........

(to be continued)

Who Is Yeshua? 

He is my best friend, my Messiah, and my Savior. Without Him, I hesitate to think where I'd be today. He has watched over me in times of joy and times of darkness. He has pulled me out of "the pit" and given me a new song in my heart. I used to have nightmares about dying in various sordid ways when I was younger. Now, He has lifted me above my circumstances and blessed me abundantly. I can only repay Him with my complete adoration and heart-felt worship.

To me, He is the Alpha and the Omega of my days and the keeper of my heart. He is the Messiah and Son of the Living God. He died for me in that excruciating way that I may have eternal life.

Because of Him, I no longer fear death for I know it is not the end, but the beginning...
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